Helen Posti - Mayor
  Helen Posti has lived in Eckville for the past 47 years. Elected as Mayor in 1991, Helen continues to advocate for the Town of Eckville. Helen is currently a member of the Eckville Community Centre Board, the Eckville Lions and is the Chairman of Neighborhood Place. Helen is also a volunteer for the Eckville Emergency Management Agency. 

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Colleen Ebden -Deputy Mayor

Colleen has lived in Eckville since 1992.  She is currently serving on the Eckville Library Board, Parkland Regional Library, and the Lacombe Regional Waste Authority.  Colleen believes that Eckville can live up to its name as a "Community of Choice" by supporting growth in local businesses.

Karin Engen

Karin Engen - Councillor
  Karin, husband Ken and family moved to Eckville in 1983.  She served as school board trustee with Wolf Creek School Division from 1989 to 2013.  Karin has worked at Eckville Neighborhood Place since 2004 and is currently serving as the chair of the Eckville Recreation Board.  She is currently a director on the Mountainview Credit Union Board.  Karin believes that Eckville is a great place to live; it is a family friendly community and its central location provides access to the many amenities available in Central Alberta.

Laurie Phillips

Laurie Phillips - Councillor
 Laurie has lived in Eckville for the past 36 years. Laurie and her husband Hal raised their two children here and although they have both moved away, they still call the Eckville community "home".  With renewed spirit Laurie looks forward to the next four years on Town Council.  

Ken Chapman

Ken Chapman -  Councillor

Ken has been a resident of Eckville for 6 yrs and has a small, but growing, family of four.  He works locally as a construction contractor and has been useful to many residents of Eckville and Lacombe County.  As a Councillor he is hoping to be a part of positive growth  and stability in our Community.


Dwayne Meyers - Councillor

Dwayne has lived in Eckville for the past 16 years and has been an active member within our community. Dwayne is a former member of the Eckville Fire Department, holding the title of Deputy Chief for two years. He is currently the Town Liason between the Eckville Fire Department and the Regional Fire Board. Dwayne is also a member of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Kevin See - Councillor
   Kevin has lived in Eckville for the past thirteen years. He hopes to see sustainable growth in the community and hopes his role as a councillor will help make this happen.